Annual General Meeting and contractor support event

Over 100 people attended the Community Pharmacy North East Central (CPNEC) Annual General Meeting and contractor support event at Bowburn Hall, Durham on 11 January. A big thank you to all delegates for joining us after another busy day at work and for taking part so enthusiastically in the event.

At the start of the evening, contractors present voted on the annual accounts of the previous Sunderland LPC and Community Pharmacy County Durham (Durham LPC). Those who voted did so to accept the accounts, these votes were added to the votes received previously via email and post. Contractors voted unanimously to accept both sets of accounts.

Dr Cindy Kelly then delivered a presentation on common ear complaints and how to identify them. Using otoscopes provided by CPNEC, delegates were then given the opportunity to put into practice what they had learned during the presentation by carrying out ear examinations on colleagues. The presentation and practical element clearly generated a lot of discussion and enthusiasm.

James Wood, Director of member and LPC support, Community Pharmacy England (CPE) supported by Sami Hanna, CPE Northern Representative and Gateshead contractor, then delivered a presentation covering the Primary Care Recovery Plan and the 2024/25 negotiations. CPNEC is grateful to James and Sami for sharing as much information as possible with our contractors and also to those delegates who posed a number of questions, some of which were challenging and verbalised the real concerns being felt by many contractors across the area.

Thanks also to Rob Severn, LPC Support Manager at the Company Chemists Association, for joining the AGM and the CPNEC meeting which preceeded the AGM.

Finally, thank you to those who completed the event evaluation forms; the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. CPNEC will take on board all the comments received and begin discussions shortly about hosting future events and what they may look like.